Apr. 1, 13


I’m calling fakes on the video

Didn’t it seem strange people were telling exactly what was on the video without putting it behind a “read now”, people spilled the story all over. Every story is the same, in their own words but nothing new was added. We all know Anderson has a beard now, we all know John is going to beat up Sherlock.

Now, with this in mind, all we have to do is google “april fools plan sherlock” because this had to be planned. So many people were in on it.

Right away blogs come up from people that had posted about the video. I came across “operation-sigerson-is-a-go” and from there it’s easy. There’s only been a few posts on it and they’ve all been deleted but we have google cache: NOTHING is ever really deleted.

Simply google for operation sigerson and you’ll see the password, blogname and everything right there.

DON’T fuck with the Sherlock fandom.

I hate april foolsday.

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    Even more evidence to prove my earlier point. Thank you, benlocked, for your research.
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    ^^ which is why people take photographs or in this case, print screens and copy all the text and everything you’re still...
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    I’m going to hold off any comments because this whole “sherleaked” thing actually gave us & some of the other sites a...
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    Well, but it was well prepared and executed. Bravo!
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    Regardless it’s true; I just googled it… The blog really has vanished.
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    Still….it was literally the only thing that had me going this April Fool’s day. Not ashamed to say I spent an inordinate...