Sep. 1, 13


What if these 2 scenes are from the bonfire night? I’ve looked at every photo made that night and can’t find that particular leopard print hat but then again, there weren’t that many photos of the crowd, more of the fire.

So let’s analyze: all that’s shown is a girl screaming. At what? Someone in the fire? It’s a dark night but her face lights up; from the fire? The bonfire was supposed to be November 5th, which would be cold enough to justify those warm hats. There seems to be a large group around her and they’re all looking at the same thing, they seem to be outside. All that points towards bonfire. The other shows in the trailer are mainly Victorian or older; the hat is modern. (There are 1 or 2 other shows in there that look modern enough as well though) That’s all I’ve got!

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